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Make your own bag – tshirt

Yesterday, I tried a Do It Yourself activity, whose video I just saw the day before. I made a bag out of an old tee-shirt!

Look at the video.

It is very easy : just staples and duct-tape! about 45min to do it .

My bag is not In-cre-dible, it ‘s just the first one and I didn’t really choose the right t-shit to do that… No photo!

But it was very fun and just knowing that I can do it means infinite opportunities and capabilites !

I am really happy about myself!

Try it!

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Song Of The Day

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The Voice as an Instrument

A beautiful example of the huge possibilities given to the human body : the voice as an instrument and together singing beautiful songs 🙂

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Can You Feel It – Jackson 5

The song of the day !

How to use ALL the computer effects of the time in ONE film clip!!!
Why the first part? Why the giant jackson 5? What is this powder? Who are those people!


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