Angrier Than Ever

Retour Français… Retour du lapin…


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Baby Jackson, my new boyfriend


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Flower power



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Learning crochet

Today I decided to learn crochet. Thanks to this tutorial, I made this very first bracelet-necklace. (thank you thank you thank you)
Watching you tube tutorials on how to crochet, I started to think that I too can make it! I went to Morris and son 2h later to buy 3 balls of yarn ! Yeah! But crochet is not as easy as I thought. I’d like to enter a knitting group once we are in Melbourne, so I can improve with help 🙂 hehe

Try out the tutorial ! It is great!


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Making a tshirt for myself



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Moving out

Just a bit busy! We waited for the girls to leave to Europe wih their mother to start packing and in one week exactly, we sold all our furniture and packed our personal belongings!

Moving is kind of a forced cure: you learn how to let your loving things go, you throw away lot of things, cloths, you make more space, you clean your mind!


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Painting is inspiring

I had my first commission by Sallam, my former boss, after he saw my sketchbook. He had the idea of the drawing on a piece of tissue and asked me to reproduce it in big – 120/80cm –  any colour I wanted – any type of painting. I visited the room where he wanted the painting to be. In short, my first order 🙂

The girls loved seeing me painting – we even had to buy mini canvas and the very same painting as mine (we gave them watercolours/ not acrylics though – they don’t know…)

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