Angrier Than Ever

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

on April 5, 2012


This book contains stories that some readers may find too spiritual.

I wanna talk about a book that changed a lot a things in my way of looking at the world.

Eckhart Tolle is the German writter of The Power of Now (Le Pouvoir du Moment Présent) and New Earth (Nouvelle Terre), two books superpopular (the first one being a bestseller). He also has a “tv” on YouTube  and a website

The main purpose to this book is to make you conscious, in other words, to awaken yourself. Before reading this, you can be moody, self defeating, unhappy, stuck in habits of thoughts and actions that you don’t like. It deals with understanding the different entities within yourself and finding inner peace. Tolle takes examples among different Holy Books and different philosophical stories/myths to highlight the fact that all the philosophies and religions have one common goal : help you discover yourself and be happy!!! Happiness depends on yourself, not on others, not on objects/forms. The New Earth gives the key : Attention. Yes, the attention of the present moment, stop brooding on the past, it ‘s over, stop worrying about the future, it may never happen! Live NOW, enjoy the songs of birds, the love ones who are present with you (not the ones who are on facebook), the nature, the food, the drinks, the life.

Another part of the book is about the Ego and the Pain Body. It is hard to explain those two entities without reading the book. From the Urban Dictionnary, I picked up this definition : ” a pain-body is the collective manifestation of all the pain, misery, and sorrow a person has ever gone through their entire life, and all the things they inherited from their culture and family history as well. A person’s pain-body feeds and strengthens itself by making themselves and others miserable.”. The Ego is the voice in your head saying “I”. It identifies itself with possessions (mine!) people ideas etc. It attaches to things making life difficult when there is a loss or a change. If you recognize in your own behaviours that your Ego and/or your Pain Body rule you at this moment, you are on the way of consciousness! By observing yourself behaving, by knowing that this is not you really, you can change. You can never change people, but you can change yourself , your ways of thinking, your patterns. Beyond these behaviors, there is the inner you.

How to find your true nature? Look for the activity when you lose all track of time.

If you are stressed and overwelmed by a situation, think of now, living today.The time also helps to solve things. There is no solution in stressing, it doesn’t help. In the book, Tolle promote the philosophy of “This too will pass” for good and bad situations.

Do not resist to change, life changes! Buddha says that all pain comes from the resistance to change.

I was looking for a spiritual book which would improve my consciousness. I found out that everyone around me in Cairns have read this book and have loved it. Then I started to read this book and I wanted everyone to do the same. I am way more conscious and I thought I could help the world with this. Unfortunately, everyone is not ready for the awakening. You need to be willing to ask yourself some deep questions, you need to be willing to answer them. You need to be open-minded and have some interest in spirituality. It is not a difficult book to read and it is full of stories that help explaining some ideas.

I have to confess that I am still on it. I need to read like 2-3 pages a day and then to think of this. I need to have time to think of those important ideas.

I hope this article makes you want to read this book. Only one thing to say , ENJOY!


One response to “A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

  1. Julie says:

    I bought it yesterday 🙂 Je vais partir à la recherche du vrai moi! Merci encore! xx

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