Angrier Than Ever

Drawing in the sand @ trinity beach


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Liz & Phil ‘s Engagement Party

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Our friends from Cairns, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and France are here to celebrate with us our engagement! Some came days before to spend more time with us and visit Cairns. It was a wonderful-crazy night, the 21st of May 2012 🙂

First the Inlet Cruise for 2 hours (we pass on Japanese tv!)

Then a private balcony on the Esplanade at Kanis, unlimited food and drinks !

Ending up at Gilligans !

Great Party!

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Mrs & Mr Egg

Mrs & Mr Egg met each other at the end of the Orthodox Easter mass. They came by themselves to have free yummy lunch and found each other in the same basket !


They decided to go on honey moon in Melbourne

Here they are, waiting for their flight in the Quantas lounge

Having diner at a French restaurant in Melbourne with their friends

Unfortunetly, Mrs Egg was a bit cracked up from the trip. They decided to rest in peace in Melbourne.

RIP Mrs & Mr Egg

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Choice – Not Chance!

This article is from Connect Magazine (April 2012). When I read it, it really made sense to me. I don’t want to look at other people’s life and say “she is lucky”, “what a chance he had”, etc. I don’t want to admire people for something I can do too! I want to be this person and I can! This blog touched me a lot. I wanna do many different things in graphisme just like her! Look at the section “dessin”, this chick has fun doing everything she wants and she succeeds! Here I make the choice of being myself, I make the choice of choosing graphic design! ❤ yeah!

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Now is time to look outside your box

Now is time to look outside your box!

Most of us live inside our daily worlds,

influenced or inspired by those within that world.

Look further afield.

Take your inspiration from unfamiliar sources.

Look through others’eyes.

You’ll be surprised at the opportunities.

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The Voice as an Instrument

A beautiful example of the huge possibilities given to the human body : the voice as an instrument and together singing beautiful songs 🙂

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Des Tribulations Au Cap

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Just coming back from a wonderful week end in Mother Nature’s Land called Cape Tribulation. It is about 3hours north of Cairns, at the end of the world. On the way, we pick up Anna & Yves, two friends from preparatory classes who by chance are about to spend few months in Atherthon, Tablelands, working for the CSIRO. We arrived in Cape Trib’ on Saturday night with an empty stomach and nothing to fill it up : PK’s kitchen was close and we were only able to buy some chips – maigre diner. I hope the guy who said there was a rave at PK’s this night is going to hell : there was no one. But we don’t really need shit music to have fun, just some wood to burn on the beach and a lighter will make it! We were not the only ones doing that, all the backpackers were on the beach, drinking, swimming and playing in the trees… making bad bad jokes.

It was just magic, having a fire, watching the full moon and its reflections on the sea.

Next day was busy: swimming in the swimming hole at the very top of  Cape Trib’ (and seeing AFTER the sign saying crocodiles!!), “chillaxing” on the beach and having a look at this beautiful look out, swimming at the bigger swimming hole at the very bottom of Cape Trib’ and admiring the kids jumping of the rope and the tree. The water was just freazing, but the trees and the colours are worthy! The creek was so clear you could see the fishes swimming with you, without fear. The end of the afternoon was a different busy drinking beers on the terrasse of the cabin and speaking philosophy, life, politics and other bullshit 🙂

Dinner was made on the bond fire : potatoes & marshmallows ! a trial with limited success: the scrambled eggs on toast with the camping stove – with a taste of sand unfortunately. We had this time an amazing MOON RISE! incredible. no word to describe it and no photo either 😦

On the way back to Atherton, we stopped at the Daintree Tea (tiny)  factory and the very close Exotic Fruit Ice Cream factory. We did a cruise on the Daintree River and saw 3 crocodiles (one 5weeks old baby – not cute at all once you see its red evil eyes). We had a picnic at Mossman Gorge and had a swim (freaaazing!!!!). Almost in Atherton but not yet: a stop in Mareeba at Peter and Sacha ‘s  for a beautiful sunset on the “savanna” and a hug for Harvey the kitten!

A beautiful week end to meet up with friends, love your fiance and reconnect with Nature 🙂

And You? What did you do for Easter long weekend?

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Can You Feel It – Jackson 5

The song of the day !

How to use ALL the computer effects of the time in ONE film clip!!!
Why the first part? Why the giant jackson 5? What is this powder? Who are those people!


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Car wash!


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Because we love riding our push bikes <3

Picture taken during a push bike ride after work – beautiful sunset behind!

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